Fathers Day

Fathers Day is coming up this Sunday 1st September, hooray! It’s your opportunity to spoil the big guy with wonderfully awesome gifts you know he’ll get a kick out of.

Still on the best-sellers list, the ‘Gentlemens Ball Scratcher’. Or if socks are what he needs, then don’t settle for boring socks, check out the ‘Sneaker Socks’ (designed to look like high top chucks!). If music is more his thing, then he’ll love the convenience and ease of tangle-free ‘Zipper Earphones’ with in the ear buds.

No matter what kind of stuff your dad likes, you’ll find something cool (that won’t blow the budget!) at TGI Found It!

Check out all the other products here.

Top 5 Mothers Day Gifts

Wow! It’s almost Mothers Day again. Feels like it was just yesterday we were showering our mummy’s with presents and luckily for them, it’s almost that time again.

This year Mothers Day is on 12th May – so get prepared and get her a fun gift she’ll love. TGI Found It gifts are all under $100, so you don’t need to spend a gazillion bucks to make her smile.

Here are my top 5 present ideas for Mothers Day 2013:

1. Keep Calm and Drink Wine Canvas – $14
Perfect present for a mama who appreciates some fine wine and great interiors!

2. Almigh-tea Bag – $9
Let your favourite lady relax with a cup of tea using her practical and reusable silicon tea-bag.

3. Keep Calm and Carry On Coloured Canvas – $14
Another pretty canvas mum will love hung on the walls. It will brighten any dim day!

4. Teacupcakes – $24
For a mum who loves to bake, get her something that will work a treat. You might even get to have a cupcake to yourself.

5. Classic To Do Notepad – $12
Busy mums need something to help them with their hectic mum-duties, a classic To Do notepad would be a great little helper.

Plenty more cool gifts for mums on TGI Found It!


Get Organised Kit

We’re definitely well into 2013 with summer now been and gone, and autumn just arrived. The beginning of the year usually sees us getting organised with our affairs, but as the months trail on, some of us (uh-hem… me) start to see things getting a little disorganized.

So… it’s time to return to purchase the GET ORGANISED KIT!

TGI Found It has heaps, heaps, heaps of cool stuff to help you get things in order! ‘To Do’ lists, notebooks, earphone pouches, weekly planners and more! And to make things better, we’re putting them into a packaged bundle just for you!

Magnetic Stationery Organiser Pegs
Weekly Whiteboard
Earphone Pouch (your choice of pink or green)
Pocket Memo Pad (your choice of lime or lilac)
Classic To Do Notepad
Plug Tags

It’s coming soon, and we will post about it, blog about it and email you about it when it’s launched! Woo!

What’s Happening!

So it’s been quite a well since the last post. Woops! But, hey – hello. Blog is back and we plan to update you on what we’ve been up to in our business and how we’ve handled the first couple of months.

Christmas was insane – by the way, you guys sure like to shop and makes us feel happy knowing you get the stuff that also bring happiness to either you or the person you’re giving the gift to. The award for Top Gift For Christmas, went to the Gentlemen’s Ballscratcher. I’m not that surprised! It’s funny and unique. Not every male owns one yet, so if you don’t I’m sure you will… Eventually.

January was all about planning for the year ahead and getting some awesome new stock in. You might have seen them in The Hot Stuff – the Pocket Memo Pad, Plug Tags, The Art of Hand – Pen Holder, Hand Bookends, WTF Slammer Button and the Emergency Phone First Aid.

This month we’ve continued planning the next cool products to launch and looking into who to tell this to. I’m talking, PR. We’re happy to have on board a new member of the team who’s chatty, creative and of course, cool. So, if you wanted to know about TGI Found It send us an email to hello@tgifoundit.com.au and our PR peep will respond.

Next month, we’re launching an exciting new ‘thing’ to our online store. So, stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter and on our website.

– Jen

Christmas Gift Guide Under $20

Are you stuck trying to figure out what to get people for Christmas? Christmas gifts for your brother, Christmas gifts for your sister, Christmas gifts for parents, Christmas gifts for your friends or even Christmas gifts for work? TGI Found It has all the best cool and creative Christmas gifts you will need.

We’ve got a huge range of gifts under $20, gifts under $50 and all products are under $100. If you’ve got a limit of $20 for your Kris Kringle gifts, you might want to check out our awesome range under $20. There are many fun, creative and cool gifts to choose from.

How about the…

• ‘Booting Up Mug
• ‘Toilet Boy Desk Organiser
• or the ‘Mini Suitcase Card Holder


… Excellent gifts for work colleagues!

TGI Found It also has a great range of homeware’s suitable as gifts for family. Check out the…

• ‘Hotman Potman
• ‘Half Pint Milk Carton
• ‘Babushkup
• and the ‘Giant Mug – Ask Your Mother


Plus there is also a fantastic range to make your friends smile on Christmas. Some of the most popular include…

• ‘Funny Face Socks
• ‘Pixel Sunglasses
• ‘Luggage Tags
• and the ‘Giant Pen Lid

ALL OF THE ABOVE GIFTS UNDER $20! A fantastic range to make everyone smile on Christmas.

Movember & Christmas

Wow! October sure came around fast… It’s time to start prepping for Movember and Christmas is just around the corner. We’ve got cool mo-stuffs for Movember and we have some rad items which would be excellent Christmas presents. I think we’d make a good office Secret Santa go-to shop.

Good thing us guys at TGI Found It are pretty organized… ah, well sorta. =P

We have got a couple of new things which have arrived and we’re super excited about. All very cool, unique, awesome and just bloody brilliant! These upcoming items arrived last week and we’re in the process of releasing them.

Here’s our To Do list to give the general public an idea of what we’ve got to do:


  1. Make sure we’ve received the correct shipment, quantity and colours
  2. Add the stock to our inventory system
  3. Weigh, measure the products
  4. Write a nifty product description
  5. Photograph the products (yes, we do it ourselves)
  6. And finally, put them online for you to buy!

Currently, we are at number 3. Who wants to help me weigh and measure each product? Haha.

We’ve got a couple things we’re working on for TGI Found It, to make sure we get as many cool things as possible. Thanks for all the support you guys have given us and thanks for the sharing the word… Yeah! TGI Found It!

TGI Found It! Home Of Cool, Creative, Gifts & Accessories

Alrighty! So here it is. We have a blog. Time to write some extremely interesting stuff…

Like, er… umm…

Well, let’s start it off with telling you a little bit about us and why we started TGI Found It. One day we were browsing stuff online (as many people do) and felt there was a lack of interesting, unique and innovative items to buy in Australia. Things like cool gifts, things to buy for yourself and the house and just anything fun and geeky. There were some, but not a lot and we wanted to be the people to fill in this gap.

From this, TGI Found It was born. One half of our business is made up of a web designer, the other smaller half comes from a marketing background. This started it off as a small project and now we’re selling nation-wide to complete strangers who also appreciate cool products.

Our top performing products this month include:

1. The Gentlemens Ball-Scratcher (Hahaha… Really, it currently is no.1!)
2. Toilet Boy – office desk organiser
3. Giant Pen Lid – office pen organiser
4. Mini Laptop Mirror – geeky pocket sized mirrors
5. Silicon Jelly Watch


Current things we’re trying to get in for our customers are the iPhone 5 cases. Still quite new, but hopefully! Could be sooner than later 🙂