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Alrighty! So here it is. We have a blog. Time to write some extremely interesting stuff…

Like, er… umm…

Well, let’s start it off with telling you a little bit about us and why we started TGI Found It. One day we were browsing stuff online (as many people do) and felt there was a lack of interesting, unique and innovative items to buy in Australia. Things like cool gifts, things to buy for yourself and the house and just anything fun and geeky. There were some, but not a lot and we wanted to be the people to fill in this gap.

From this, TGI Found It was born. One half of our business is made up of a web designer, the other smaller half comes from a marketing background. This started it off as a small project and now we’re selling nation-wide to complete strangers who also appreciate cool products.

Our top performing products this month include:

1. The Gentlemens Ball-Scratcher (Hahaha… Really, it currently is no.1!)
2. Toilet Boy – office desk organiser
3. Giant Pen Lid – office pen organiser
4. Mini Laptop Mirror – geeky pocket sized mirrors
5. Silicon Jelly Watch


Current things we’re trying to get in for our customers are the iPhone 5 cases. Still quite new, but hopefully! Could be sooner than later 🙂


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