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So it’s been quite a well since the last post. Woops! But, hey – hello. Blog is back and we plan to update you on what we’ve been up to in our business and how we’ve handled the first couple of months.

Christmas was insane – by the way, you guys sure like to shop and makes us feel happy knowing you get the stuff that also bring happiness to either you or the person you’re giving the gift to. The award for Top Gift For Christmas, went to the Gentlemen’s Ballscratcher. I’m not that surprised! It’s funny and unique. Not every male owns one yet, so if you don’t I’m sure you will… Eventually.

January was all about planning for the year ahead and getting some awesome new stock in. You might have seen them in The Hot Stuff – the Pocket Memo Pad, Plug Tags, The Art of Hand – Pen Holder, Hand Bookends, WTF Slammer Button and the Emergency Phone First Aid.

This month we’ve continued planning the next cool products to launch and looking into who to tell this to. I’m talking, PR. We’re happy to have on board a new member of the team who’s chatty, creative and of course, cool. So, if you wanted to know about TGI Found It send us an email to hello@tgifoundit.com.au and our PR peep will respond.

Next month, we’re launching an exciting new ‘thing’ to our online store. So, stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter and on our website.

– Jen

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