Movember & Christmas

Wow! October sure came around fast… It’s time to start prepping for Movember and Christmas is just around the corner. We’ve got cool mo-stuffs for Movember and we have some rad items which would be excellent Christmas presents. I think we’d make a good office Secret Santa go-to shop.

Good thing us guys at TGI Found It are pretty organized… ah, well sorta. =P

We have got a couple of new things which have arrived and we’re super excited about. All very cool, unique, awesome and just bloody brilliant! These upcoming items arrived last week and we’re in the process of releasing them.

Here’s our To Do list to give the general public an idea of what we’ve got to do:


  1. Make sure we’ve received the correct shipment, quantity and colours
  2. Add the stock to our inventory system
  3. Weigh, measure the products
  4. Write a nifty product description
  5. Photograph the products (yes, we do it ourselves)
  6. And finally, put them online for you to buy!

Currently, we are at number 3. Who wants to help me weigh and measure each product? Haha.

We’ve got a couple things we’re working on for TGI Found It, to make sure we get as many cool things as possible. Thanks for all the support you guys have given us and thanks for the sharing the word… Yeah! TGI Found It!