Large Shower Puff

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The large shower puff used to rub against your skin when taking a shower is also known as the shower loofah. The shower puff is a large thick mesh product used in the bathroom when taking a shower. It is used to rub against the skin as one takes a shower helping exfoliate dry, dead skin cells from your body. It’s a great product for the back and the whole body, whenever you want smooth and soft skin. A shower puff can help you relax and have a great shower as you remove all the dead skin cells from your body.

It is a large thick white mesh made of nylon that removes the dead dry skin without causing harm to the skin. Gently rub it over your skin and the dense layer of the mesh will do their work of removing the dead cells perfectly. It is an ideal shower accessory that does not loosen up even after long periods of use. The mesh nylons are tightly held together that they don’t feel too hard nor too soft for the skin. The shower puff is quite easy to use. It is used in a similar manner as one uses a washcloth when taking a shower.

Wet your entire body with water to make it easier for the dead cells to come out without any problems. You can apply soap to the skin and the shower puff and gently rub it over your back and the rest of the body before rinsing.

The shower puff comes with a small rope loop that enables the user to properly hang the puff to dry out after use. You need to rinse it well after use and hang it out to dry so as not to retain any dirty. It is super soft, durable and very easy to clean and maintain. The large shower puff is the best accessory you can have in your shower if you want to keep a soft and smooth looking skin.

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